OnDemandKorea H3 Streaming Media Player

*** 미국내 무료배송

- OnDemandKorea TV Premium 7 일 평가판이 패키지에 포함되어 있습니다.
- TV 프리미엄 요금제로 30 개 이상의 VOD/라이프 채널을 제공하는 무제한 대한민국/Asian TV 서비스.
- 휴대 전화, PC 및 패드에서 OnDemandKorea에 프리미엄 무료제공
- 두번째 및 세번째 장치에서 월정액 9.99불 반값 할인됩니다.


  • OnDemandKorea TV Premium 7 Days Trial is included with package.
  • Unlimited Korean and Asian TV Service with more than 30 VOD channels with TV Premium Plan.
  • Get premium access to OnDemandKorea at your Phone, PC and Pad.
  • Get half price discount on your 2nd and 3rd device to register in the TV Premium.
› Product Description :

ODK TV BOX is the easiest and fastest way to enjoy a wide variety of Korean and Asian entertainment. Enjoy your favorite TV dramas, K Pop, movies, Chinese drama, and even kid channels. You easily use Youtube, and Kids and more apps with H3. Experience remarkable 1080p HD video quality. Even away from home, do not miss your favorite shows. Just get premium access to OnDemandKorea at your phone and continue watching. When you purchase ODK TV BOX with TV Premium membership, you may enjoy Korean TV contents up to 1080p full HD depending on your internet compatibility.

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